When you use Google Classroom, students can post and comment on the content of your class. You can set a limit on how many people can comment. You can also choose to have only one person post. You can create assignments, announcements, and questions for your class. The Stream section is where students spend most of their time.

Upload documents, videos, and audio files

You can upload documents, videos, and audio files for students to view in Google Classroom. Students can also attach files from their computers or Google Drive. Students can also begin new assignments on this page and post private comments for teachers. They can also add links to websites. The Stream is a way to view and manage these files.

You can share documents, videos, audio files, and other resources with your students. This makes it easy for them to collaborate and work offline. You can also use the multiple-choice question format to poll the class. This helps you find out what interests your students. You can also allow students to ask each other questions, which promotes discussion and peer learning.

Post class schedule

A class schedule can be easily posted on Google Classroom. To do this, simply download the Google Sheets editable classroom schedule from here. Once downloaded, the file opens as a copy in Google Drive with the appropriate time, days, objectives, and standards. You can then change the times to suit your needs, or change the file’s name to something more attractive.

Another option is to attach videos from YouTube. Teachers can easily add videos in Google Classroom by clicking on the add button. Then, type in the title and instructions for the video, and click “Add” to post the video.

Poll students

Using Google Classroom is a great way to make learning more engaging for students and teachers alike. The program is a free tool for teachers and students, and it allows for collaboration on many levels. Students can post e-portfolios, collaborate on Google Docs, and take spelling tests. To test spelling, students can take a multiple-choice question or answer a name question. Once students submit the answers, you can grade them using a formula.

The use of Google Classroom in the classroom has some pitfalls. First, teachers tend to rely on the limitations of the platform, not challenging it with meaningful activities. Additionally, Google Classroom has an underlying logic, which emphasizes neutrality, personalization, and predictive capacity.

Stream page

The Stream page is an interactive space where students and teachers can communicate with each other. The teacher and students can ask questions, share information and images, or even upload a YouTube video. If students don’t want their posts to be publicly visible, they can add private comments to questions and assignments.

However, there are some major drawbacks to the Stream page. It can be noisy, and sometimes important information gets lost in the shuffle. For this reason, keep the most important information at the top of the stream.

Ask a question

The question field on Google Classroom is a great way to poll your students. You can post a question to a whole class, or only specific students. You can even add optional instructions or a point value. You can set the question to be posted immediately or scheduled for a later time. You can also save the question as a draft. Students can easily respond to questions and answer them in the class.

If you’re unsure how to use Google Classroom for students, check out the help page. It will provide you with useful information and links. You can also reach out to your school’s technology support team.