Oman National Day 2022

Oman National day

The Oman National Day will mark the 52nd anniversary of the birth of Sultan Qaboos. The day also commemorates Oman’s Independence from Portugal. In Muscat, the main highway was lit up with Omani national flags. Special lighting arrangements were arranged by government offices and ministries. Spectacular light shows and laser effects were also displayed at the Royal Opera House.

Oman’s 52nd National Day

The Sultanate of Oman will be celebrating its 52nd National Day on November 18 in 2022. As with every other year, Oman will celebrate the day with a series of celebrations. Several public events will take place to mark the occasion, including parades, fireworks, and camel races. A marine festival will also be held. The National Day is a public holiday, and most businesses and government offices will be closed for the day.

Sultan Qaboos’ birthday

Oman celebrated its 45th National Day on November 18th, and it is His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos’ birthday as well. Founded in 1650, Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. Today, flags and decorations adorn the streets of the Sultanate, and a parade will take place presided by the Sultan.

Independence from Portugal

Oman’s National Day is celebrated on November 18th, commemorating the country’s independence from Portugal in 1650. This day also marks the 79th birthday of the Sultan, Qaboos bin Said. It is the first of two public holidays during November in Oman.


This week, Oman is celebrating its 51st National Day. The government has been cutting spending and focusing on developing the country by creating thousands of jobs for the people. Residents are encouraged to wear their national colours on November 18th to show their pride in the country. Fireworks displays will also be held in Muscat and Salalah to mark the occasion.


The modernization of Oman is a top priority of the Oman regime. The country needs to be less reliant on oil, and diversify its economy in order to achieve this. In 2018, the tourism sector accounted for 2.59% of GDP, and the country needs to ease visa requirements for more nationalities to increase tourism. Oman also needs to create more employment opportunities for Omanis. Simply creating more jobs will not suffice – Oman will need to invest in training its people in various non-oil sectors.

Vision 2040

The Vision for Oman National Day 2022 is a roadmap that identifies and aims to achieve a number of goals and objectives. The plan focuses on transforming the country and achieving sustainable development. It aims to make the country among the top ten in the world by the year 2040.