The Haylou RS4 Plus is a smartwatch that is compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10.0 and comes with Bluetooth v5.1. It connects to your mobile device via the Haylou Fun application. The smartwatch does not have its own GPS sensor, so it relies on your smartphone to provide location information. The Haylou RS4 Plus is designed to provide a wide variety of UI operations. Its operating system is very similar to that of the Xiaomi smartwatches. Check Here From AliExpress Page HereĀ 

105 workout modes

The Haylou RS4 Plus Smartwatch is a fitness tracker that features 105 multi-sport workout modes. These include fast walking, climbing, spinning, yoga, rowing, and more. The device records your data in real time. The watch also has a built-in heart rate sensor.

The Haylou RS4 Plus Smartwatch comes with 10 watch faces pre-installed on the watch. You can easily switch between them by long-pressing on the home screen. However, there are over 100 more watch faces available online for download. Additionally, you can upload your own photos to make your watch face more personal.

AMOLED display

The Haylou RS4 Plus Smartwatch has an AMOLED display measuring 1.78 inches and a 368*448 pixel resolution. It features 105 different sports modes and 100+ customizable watch faces. It’s also IP68 water resistant and comes with a magnetic strap.

The Haylou RS4 Plus is waterproof to IP68, which makes it suitable for sweating and stormy rainy days. It also offers a ten-day battery life, so you can use it for a week or more without having to charge it every day.

Bluetooth v5.1

Bluetooth v5.1 on HAYLOU’s RS4 Plus Smartwatch lets you enjoy a smooth, hands-free wireless experience. The watch’s IP68-certified waterproof design keeps your wristband dry during a workout or a rainy day. The watch also boasts an impressive 10 days of battery life. Although, it is not recommended to use it in high-speed water activities. The watch is a handy assistant on your wrist that can make your life easier and more convenient.

The Haylou RS4 Plus Smartwatch features Bluetooth v5.1 and is compatible with iOS 10.0 and Android 5.0. You can pair it with your smartphone via the Haylou Fun app. Since the device doesn’t have its own GPS sensor, it relies on your phone’s GPS to give you accurate location information. In addition, you can customize the UI by choosing from more than 100 watch faces. The smartwatch can also track your heart rate, exercise data, and sleep patterns.

Cellular model

The Haylou RS4 Plus Smartwatch comes with 10 pre-loaded watch faces. To change the watch face, you can press the home screen with your finger. You can also download the Haylou Fun app to browse over 100 watch faces online. The app also allows you to upload your own photos.

The Haylou RS4 Plus features a 1.78-inch AMOLED display with a 60Hz refresh rate. It also has a heart rate monitor and SpO2 blood oxygen monitor. The device is also IP68 water-resistant and has a magnetic strap.

360deg unrestrained sliding

The Haylou RS4 Plus Smartwatch is an upgraded version of the original RS4. Its slim body crams a powerful set of features into a slim design. It features all-day heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, call reminders, text messages, wrist-lift to wake screen, and exercise tracking. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The Haylou RS4 Plus has a 1.78-inch screen with a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels and 60 Hz refresh rate. The touchscreen is responsive and easy to operate, and it is comfortable to wear. It has over 100 different watch faces to choose from. There are also 105 workout modes, allowing you to track your exercise data in real time.

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